Chapter 560

Today I celebrated my 22nd birthday.
Every year seems to go by faster and faster.
Half of me still feels 17, while the other half feels ancient.

The older I get, the less things I want. 
There is seriously nothing that I "want", so everything was a surprise.
Getting the entire series of Robin Hood. Surprise.
Getting gifts from my parents when the only gift I was supposed to get was my flight to Winnipeg. Surprise.
Larsons coming out to dinner with us to celebrate. Surprise.
Getting a cute handmade gift from Holly. Surprise.
But the one that topped them all would have to be seeing Matt. 

Spending the day with people I love so dearly meant the world.
And honestly, meant more than any gift anyone could ever give me.

Tomorrow it is back to the routine.
School, school, school.
Secretly I am looking forward to it :)



  1. Happy Birthday!! LOVE the pictures! Looks like it was a PERFECT day :)

  2. Happy Birthday, beautiful lady! Love how these pictures capture the love so well!

  3. We love you too!!! Thanks for including us. I showed this to Matt. Big smile!!! xoxoxoxo


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