Chapter 558

I've decided to talk about something that is kind of hard for me.
Kind of, but not really.
The thing is I'm in love.
I seriously thought this day would never come!

You see I've only been in love once.
I was hurt. Extremely hurt.
It took me a year of bitterness, and pain, then finally peace.
This boy is now one of my dearest friends, and I am so grateful I have finally been able to forgive.

If I hadn't had that painful experience, I wouldn't have the relationship with Alex.
I am so grateful that it didn't work out with this other young man, because if it did, I never would have met Alex.
And my love for this boy can't even compare.
It is beyond anything I have ever felt.

It's taken me a while to come to this point, but I realize now that it is worth the risk of getting hurt.
When I go swimming I always jump right it in.
Cold, warm, seaweed.
Doesn't matter. I just do it.

For one that is timid, and extremely careful with my heart I have done something very out of character for me.
I've gone all in.
Truth is I'm not even scared.
Not one bit.



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