Chapter 553

Well I did it.
I hopped on a plane to Winnipeg to surprise Alex.
It was a HUGE thing for me.
As I have mentioned before I have some serious issues with anxiety.
I let my mind think that I can't do things, and end up letting my fears control me.

I never thought we would pull it off.
I'm not one to keeping secrets, or being extremely stealthy about surprises.
But I guess I was sneaky enough for him not to figure out that I was flying out to see him.
His mom picked me up at the airport, then we drove to a Kawaii Crepes and waited for him and his dad to arrive.
He was completely not expecting me to be sitting there with his mom.
His face lit up immediately and we both couldn't stop smiling.

The trip was filled with walks and talks,
Cuddles and naps,
Museums and dances,
Family dinners and being introduced to the Stake.
But most importantly I got to spend time with a boy I missed terribly.
All I can say is I have NO idea how girls can wait 2 years.
We didn't even make it for a week and a half!

Being able to see Alex's hometown, and meet his family is something I will be forever grateful for. 



  1. good for you for being so sneaky, sounds like you pulled it off perfectly!

  2. cute!!! i love this:) i am so glad you got to see youre cutie. having a missionary is super hard...but im excited for the reunion!


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