Chapter 581

A couple nights ago, I brought out my yearbooks and took a little trip down memory lane with Alex.
It was weird, looking at pictures of people I used to see everyday, and now don't see at all.
I can't believe it has been 4 years since I was in high school.
I miss it, but only just a little.
Truth be told I'm glad my life is less complicated now.



Chapter 580

Lazy mornings are always my favourite.
No reason to set my alarm.
No reason to get out of my pjs. 

I feel like I haven't posted in forever.
Well that's because I haven't posted in forever. 
The past week has been crazy.
And not in the typical crazy way.
Even though our wedding isn't until July, so much planning has already taken place.
I just want to get all the "fluff" done and enjoy my engagement and preparation for the temple.
Then again, the fluff is pretty dang fun :)



Chapter 579

Yesterday it hit me.
I'm getting married, for time and all eternity to the most incredible person I know.
Trying on wedding dresses, and looking in the mirror and not seeing a girl, but a woman.
It was weird. But a nice weird.
It's odd that it's only been a week, and I feel I have grown up so much.



Chapter 578

Back when I was 16 we had a Laurel class activity entitled "I want to marry a Moroni"
We made time capsules that we were not allowed to open until the night we got engaged.
So naturally on Saturday Alex and I opened it in front of my family and a few friends.
So here are my wedding plans of my 16 year old self vs. our actual wedding plans

Temple: Hawaii
We will be married July 4th in the Toronto Temple.
So pretty much opposite ends of the continent.
I honestly don't know why I picked Hawaii.
Ever since I was little I said I would get married in the Toronto temple, and I am :)

Colours: Yellow and blue
We don't a specific colours, more like a colour scheme.
Peaches, creams, gold accents, grey, blue, chambray.
Confusing? Just a little.

Wedding song: Broken Road (Rascal Flatts)
We haven't discussed this one yet, but I have a couple songs in mind.
Since we don't have "a song", I feel we should find one and make it our own :)

Future Children
Ok this one isn't exactly "wedding planning", but it was to do.
Apparently when I was 16 I wanted 6 children.
Wowza. We will see about that.
Want to learn something weird?
I have had a baby name list on my phone for a couple years now.
I'm telling you, the names just come to me randomly so I write them down.
The weirdest thing is not one these names are on my current list.
How odd.



Chapter 577

I don't like chess. But I adore our family chess board.
I enjoy when I have Wednesdays off.
Sleep in, get ready whenever, hang out with friends, and play time with Norah.
Too bad the weather is terrifyingly freezing right now.
So instead of going to institute tonight I am cuddling with a blanket and a book (Insurgent).

The past two days have been weird.
I only just got used to wearing a ring, all the time.
Sleeping. Showering. Always.
But it desperately needed resizing.
So on Monday Alex and I dropped it off at the jewellers.
Today I was able to pick it up!!
My finger is no longer naked!!!!!



Chapter 576

Holly's artistic interpretation of Alex and I. Clearly in love.
If you know me, then you know I like to plan well in advance.
Whether it be an activity I am in charge of, or making detailed schedules fot trips, I like to be prepared.
Alex and I have only been engage for 4 days, and I feel well ahead :)

Booked the temple.
Shopped around for wedding bands.
Viewed an apartment.
Called landlord for waiting list.
Found my maid of honour's dress.
Found the gifts for my bridesmaids.
Decided on colours.
Booked an appointment with Michelle, who will be making my dress.
Talked to Annick about the cake.
Booked Chantelle for photography. 
*You need to understand I have wanted Chantelle to do my pictures for forever. Long before I even met Alex. Her pictures are stunning, and have very little editing, which I LOVE!

As much as the planning is fun, I just want it out of the way so I can avoid the stress of the details, and focus more on the temple :)



Chapter 575

First things first.
Ok let's back it up just a little and go through day by day of last week.

Monday January 14
Alex came for FHE, same as every Monday night.
I went to bed early.
Mom comes in my bedroom to tell me Alex is in my dad's office with the door closed.
We start freaking out, knowing he is asking my dad's permission.
My mom said she would text when they were done with the details.
No text = no sleep for me.

Tuesday January 15
I didn't get any sleep the night before, so I decided not to go to class.
Slept in until 10:30.
Woke up to find Alex heading out the door.
Turns out he went ring shopping with my mom and Kelsi.
Later that night I asked my parents what Alex and my dad talked about last night.
Both responded: "Oh just school and work.."
My response: "And..? I'm not stupid there is more you aren't telling me!

Wednesday January 16

Thursday January 17
I had been doing some thinking and praying, and felt it was the right thing for me to drop my classes this semester and work more hours to continue to save money.
But I didn't want to put my eggs all into one basket with Alex and I.
You see we had the "marriage talk" back when I went down to Winnipeg.
Only problem was Alex hadn't recieved his confirmation yet.
I had my answer, he was still waiting for his.
I texted Alex, wanted to discuss it with him before making the final decision.
His response: "I can't explain it now, but I feel things will work out for us."
Apparently when he found out how stressed I was, he was going to bus to my place and propose then and there.
But he didn't :)

Friday January 18
After that we headed over the Andrew and Kelsi's for a little visit, then went home for some sleep.

Saturday January 19
A Blizzard hits.
But my dad was determined to drive us all to the temple.
Not like my dad at all.
Bad weather, no driving.
But this time for some reason we kept on driving.
4 hours later, and being stuck behind 3 snowploughs we finally made it to the Montreal Temple.
I brought a book and waited in the waiting room until they were done doing a session.
12:55, Alex walks in the waiting room.
Me: "I have one page left of my chapter, just wait a second."
He sits and waits patiently.
Once I'm done he asks if I can come with him to the Distribution to pick up some things.
So off we went, back out into the blizzard.
We get outside the temple, and Alex turns to me and says:
"So I kind of lied. I don't need to go to the Distribution centre."
Me: "K..."
A: "The thing is I got my answer, and it's yes."
Me thinking, "Ok he got his answer in the temple, and we are going ring shopping tonight."
A: "And I wanted to ask you" [gets down on one knee] "Will you marry me?" [pulls out ring]
I was completely taken by surprise!
Yes I knew a proposal was going to happen in the next few weeks, but I had NO idea it was going to be this week!!
And of course I said yes!
The whole family was in on it, and I was clueless.
Just what I wanted, to be surprised!

When my mom, dad, Andrew and Kelsi were done in the temple, they came out and hugged us both.
Mom and dad got teary eyed.
A special moment, with special people!

The drive home was much faster.
Giddy moments, phone calls to friends and family, and complete happiness!
Once we got back to Ottawa, we had a little "engagement party" at Larsons with a few friends.
Cake, ice cream, pizza, and more phone calls.

By far my favourite reaction from everyone would have to be Meana.
We have both been so busy the past few months that we haven't hung out since June.
JUNE! She's my best friend and we haven't seen one another for 6 months, pathetic, I know!
So of course she hasn't even met Alex yet.
Fortunately she was in Orleans, so she stopped by for a short visit.
When I asked her to be my maid of honour, she started crying, then I cried and we were just a mess of a love fest in the kitchen.
"You know how I get at weddings!!"
Oh Meana, olive you!
Just look at this ring. Literally exactly what I wanted. Yellow gold, solitaire diamond. Simple, yet sparkly!
So that is the engagement story in a nutshell.
Couldn't be happier.
I love this boy to death, and can not wait until July 4th!



Chapter 574

This weekend was perfection.
More perfect than perfect.
But why are on earth are we cutting a cake that says: "Congratulations Alex and Bekah"?
Want to take a whack at it? ;)



Chapter 573

Play time with Norah is my favourite time of day.
Since it doesn't happen everyday, it makes the days that is does happen even more special :)
I love this girl and her baby blues!


Chapter 572 - Guest Post

Today you will all have the pleasure to hear from Josie. 
If you are a LDS then you will know how small the world is. Chances are someone you know, know someone else you know. Following me so far?
Well in Canada the world is even smaller if you are a member of the church. I've been reading Josie's blog since July. In September I met Alex. In October I found out that not only is Josie a close of friend of Alex's, but was his prom date as well. I died laughing! I love these connections with our church!
SO without further ado here is Josie :)
I'm a so happy to have the opportunity to guest post on this cute blog on this lovely Friday.
I'm visiting from Just Delightful.
In five words, I'd love for you to leave my blog feeling:
Happy being who you are.
I'm 22 years young and I'm currently teaching Special Education. I'm from Lake of the Woods in Northern Ontario, Canada. I write about my hopes, dreams, daily tender mercies and all things lovely (people included). 
There's not a better way to get to know a lady than by the story of her favourite shoes. I was delighted when asked to share their story. It's full of lovely memories of people and places I love and adore.
This pair of sweet, red ruby flats 
were given to me by a dearest friend of mine, Meredith. I was staying at her home the night before travelling to Europe with BYU-Idaho. Many flights and hours later I arrived in Rome 
(at an adorable convent we were staying at), 
 opened my suitcase, completely exhausted, to find these...

Here, they are pictured in 
Wittenberg, Germany. 
But we have literally been everywhere together.
And went through everything together.
And learned to love many, many dear people along the way.

Rexburg, Idaho
Kenora, Ontario
Salzburg, Austria
Winnipeg, Manitoba
Keewatin Beach, Ontario
Salt Lake City, Utah
Lethbridge, Alberta
Rome, Italy
Regina Temple, Saskatchewan
Paris, France
Prague, Czech Republic
Preston, England
Bergland, Ontario
Pisa, Italy
London, England
Calgary, Alberta
Venice, Italy
Toronto, Ontario
Tikal, Guatemala
Sugar City, Idaho
Flores, Guatemala

...Our latest adventure? 
My Kindergarten class.
I glitter-glued them late into the night to make them the perfect addition to my Dorothy costume.
Love to you all!
And remember:
Go wherever your favourite shoes can possibly take you.
(They'll be with you every step of the way). 
Thanks for popping by Josie!!!



Chapter 571

The past couple days have been full of thinking, pondering, scripture study and prayer.
Making yet again another decision.
I swear the past 2 years have been decision after decision after decision.
And these weren't itty bitty decisions, they were Big Macs. 

Why is it that after getting an answer, doing what you know is right and will work out can seem so terrifying?
We can never know for certain if things will turn out the way we plan, even if once we get confirmation.
I've come to the conclusion that the future is a scary thing. 
Anything could go wrong.
But at the same time anything could go right.
The answer is simple, which means the decision should be as well.
Thank goodness I have some incredible people in my life that I can discuss things with!



Chapter 570

I have the best boyfriend ever.
He ordered my birthday present, hoping it would arrive on time, but unfortunately it didn't.
It came a few days late, but was worth the wait!
A water bottle with Katniss's lullaby written on it!!!!!!

"Deep in the meadow, under the willow.
A bed of grass, a soft green pillow."

Thanks Alex!! I love you!



Chapter 569

Things that entertain me on sick days.
Funny blog posts.
This picture.
Jennifer Lawrence's Q&A period after winning her Golden Globe
This song on repeat.
Dancing to MJ with Norah Borah.
Finding a Youtube channel with the full clips of songs from Les Mis.



Chapter 568

This quote doesn't need an explanation.
Just that it is awesome, and by far the best line in The Hobbit.


Chapter 567

I always get excited when celebrities wear completely modest dresses to award shows and events.
Makes my heart sing :)
Michelle Dockery and Kristen Bell are such rockets.



Chapter 566

In RS today, Matz asked us to write down the top 5 things we have accomplished in our lives,
then to write down 5 things we wish to accomplish.
I love this idea and thought I would share mine with you:

Things I've done
1. Became completely converted to the Gospel of Jesus Christ
2. Find a field of study I am completely passionate about.
3. Learn 3 languages.
4. Started this blog, and stuck with it for 3 years!
5. Became more comfortable talking about my faith.

Things I plan to do
1. Receive my endowments.
2. Be sealed for time and all eternity in the temple.
3. Become a mother.
4. Teach my children ASL.
5. To continue to perform whenever I have the opportunity.

She told us to write them down, and keep them in an area where we can read them as a reminder.
Setting goals is always important.
Give it try.



Chapter 565

I've had my fill of tears for the day.
It has been 2 weeks since I have watched the entire 3rd season of Downton.
And I am still recovering.
I won't spoil anything, but I'm just so mad and hurt.
I have a feeling the show will last one more season, and then be done.



Chapter 564

I'm a flat iron curled hair kinda gal.
This week I tried it just a little differently and loved how they turned out.
Not to mention I recently bought the best hairspray I have ever used!
Dove extra hold hairspray.
Smells divine, super light weight so it isn't crunchy and it has a long lasting hold.

First week of classes done.
I am loving my class and I fully intend to get at least an A in this class.
I'm determined and ready to push myself.



Chapter 563

I saw these pictures on Tumblr today and I shouted.
Shouted for joy that is!
Thank goodness I was home alone at the time, because that could have been extremely embarrassing.
My excitement for this movie is way too intense to even try and describe through words.
So I won't even try.

On a totally random note, I have the sweetest boyfriend.
Seriously though.
After Ward Council last night, he bused back with me all the way to my house just so I wouldn't be alone.
See my house is a 45 minutes bus ride from church, and from campus.
Which means Alex took a total of an hour and a half out of his night just to see me home safe.
I love this boy.
It's that simple.



Chapter 562

Well school is back in session.
I must say I am really looking forward to this semester.
I've decided to push myself with this one class, pick up some more shifts at work and manage my time more wisely.

I was able to spend some time with Brigitte during lunch today.
I haven't seen her or Jenn for a month so it has been crazy not being able to talk to my closest girlfriends about everything! 

In honour of the first day back at school, I celebrated with a giant cup of candy cane hot chocolate (whipped cream of course).
This semester is going to be awesome.
This year is going to be awesome.
I am determined to make each day awesome :)


Chapter 561

Let's just talk about this gem of a stuffed animal.
When I was in Winnipeg, Alex and I went with his parents to the market at The Forks.
While we were there, his mom and I became smitten with these little TY beanie baby balls.
I mean, come on just look at it!
Isn't it the cutest thing you have ever seen!?!

That night, when I was getting ready for bed I noticed it sitting on my bed.
Alex's mom had bought it for me, without me even noticing :)
Seriously the sweetest little gift.



Chapter 560

Today I celebrated my 22nd birthday.
Every year seems to go by faster and faster.
Half of me still feels 17, while the other half feels ancient.

The older I get, the less things I want. 
There is seriously nothing that I "want", so everything was a surprise.
Getting the entire series of Robin Hood. Surprise.
Getting gifts from my parents when the only gift I was supposed to get was my flight to Winnipeg. Surprise.
Larsons coming out to dinner with us to celebrate. Surprise.
Getting a cute handmade gift from Holly. Surprise.
But the one that topped them all would have to be seeing Matt. 

Spending the day with people I love so dearly meant the world.
And honestly, meant more than any gift anyone could ever give me.

Tomorrow it is back to the routine.
School, school, school.
Secretly I am looking forward to it :)


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