Chapter 325

Let's just take a moment and bask in the awesomeness of this photo:

This boy. This show. I miss the 90s.


Chapter 324

Day 142 - May 31, 2012


This week has been a blast so far! The weather has been beautiful (minus the thunderstorm a coue days ago!) It's official, only 5 days until I am on a plane to Utah with the lovely Miss Brigitte Leger!!! All planned and ready to go!!

This is going beside the Bieber book :) I love my mom!

Letters from the bestests!!!!!

Avengers with pops and Andrew. SUCH an incredible movie! Too much gorgeousness in one movie. I can't handle it!!

Oh and this scene:


Hope your week is living up to your hopes!! Mine sure is :)



Chapter 323

I am a mess.

Chapter 322

Day 141 - May 30, 2012


Today I was tired, so no eye makeup! Nothing better than being at work and not worrying about rubbing my eyes!

I just wanted to give a huge big thanks to all of YOU! That's right, my dearest readers I love you! Your comments and emails always put a smile on my face. Today I hit a milestone. Not only did one of my favourite blogs become a reader, but she is number 100!!!! For some people that may not seem like anything, but it's a huge deal for me! Not that I do this blog for a following, but I love that my little blog is interesting or inspiring in some way. I started this originally as a failed attempt fashion blog, which slowly became an everyday blog. I decided to not be structured, wrote what I felt like writing about and most importantly not be ashamed of sharing things! In a way this little blog has become my journal, and I feel even though I haven't met you in person, I am connected to you somehow. You have read things that are very dear to me, very personal and haven't been judgemental! You rock!!

Now I was thinking of doing something a little different. Send me some questions (rebekahannewagner@gmail.com), anything you want, and depending on the feedback I do a little "get to know me better" post. Also I would love to have some guests on this blog. I don't want this to be a one sided "blogship", I want to get to know you too!! :) E-mail me if you are interested!!

Also in other exciting news I was able to see costume for the first time today!! Here's a little sneak peak!!! 

Performance in only a couple days!! SO excited!!!!!

Enjoy your day! :)



Chapter 321

Day 140 - May 29, 2012


Today while I was waiting for a ride home from work (BAD thunderstorm), I wandered around Coles for a bit. And let me tell ya, I'm sure glad I did! Bought 8 varnished prints of Audrey Hepburn for, ready for it.. 8 BUCKS!!!!!! The first one is my favourite, so simple and beautiful. Then again, that is just Audrey all the time! Definitely framing a couple of these gems!!

This song just may have put Bieber back in my good books

Then again, there is no recovering from the musical vomit of his "song" Boyfriend. Hopefully every other song on the album is good. If not, I am sad to say I will not be purchasing it.



Chapter 320

Day 138 - May 27, 2012

Day 139 - May 28, 2012


I always love playing my ukulele, but there is something special about playing Harriet during summer weather. So it's that time of year again, straw hats and music jamming outside :)

Let's just say the beginning of this week has been awkward and awesome. Two of my favourite things. Having a certain gentleman in the house again is odd, but funny enough I like it. I've lost count how many times I have said this, but I am not getting my hopes up. I am trusting the Lord completely with this one. If it happens, GREAT, if not, then there will be something better. I like being friends, I like laughing, I like teasing each other, I like the way he holds hands with my niece, I like the way he holds my niece period, I like how we are comfortable, I like how I still get butterflies around him, I like having no expectations, and I like that he is coming over to make us dinner tomorrow. 
A quote that I have become smitten with: "Love is not a puddle, you can't fall into it. Neither is it a window, you can't fall out of it!" - President Dustan (a member of our Stake presidency)



Chapter 319

I finished readon Lauren Conrad's first novel yesterday afternoon. Jane and her best friend Scarlett moved to LA after graduating high school to get out of their comfort zone. Jane is interning for famous event planner Fiona Chen, while Scarlett is attending USC. They are approached by a producer, Trevor, from PopTV to film a reality show. Both of them snap up at the chance, but it doesn't turn out how they plan. Cameras following them everywhere, producers cutting scenes making the story look totally different, and gossip magazines leaking things about them. 
Typical girly, quick, light read. It was fun, nothing super incredible, just fun. It was pretty much just like watching The Hills. Predictable, but I really didn't have super high expectations for it. I'll definitely be reading the other two in the series.


Next on the list: Forgotten Garden. I am REALLY looking forward to this book! My parents and Andrew have all read it and I have heard nothing but incredible things about it! 

Well I am off to Stake Conference :) Have a great Sunday!



Chapter 318

Day 136 - May 25, 2012


Reading and watching The Saddle Club. Yep that's my Saturday for ya! Nothing better than watching your childhood favourites :)

Also watch this. PLEASE!


Chapter 317

So this year I decided to no longer watch American Idol. Ok that's a lie. You see Andrew and I have "our shows", and he was the one who also PVRed them, or reminded me that the show was starting. And since he no longer lives in the Wagner household, I just forget these things. But he is forgiven, since he has the freaking most adorable daughter ever :)

Now it is time for regret. Phillip Phillips (yes his parents were apparently drunk when they named him.. I just don't get it) is legit incredible! Such an awesome voice. Only down side is this song sounds EXACTLY like Mumford and Sons.. But you know what, I don't care. Music is music is music and if I like it I like it!

Yep in love.



Chapter 316

Day 136 - May 25, 2012


So I finished Pandemonium last night (sequel to Delirium) and holy Abercrombie and fitch!!!! SO GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't even. I preferred it way more than the first! Let me just say that Julien won my heart! I just love his character, and I can't believe I am saying this, but yes even more than Alex. I borrowed it from a friend and she said the ending was ridiculous, and yes it was. Predictable but so intense!!! I pretty much guessed everything during the course of the book, but still so good!! Now I have to wait a year for the third... GREAT!


Today will be spent decorating for Carl and Krystal's reception and then off to rehearsal :) One more week until my solo!! GAH!



Chapter 315

Day 135 - May 24, 2012


A rough day at work. But a great evening with the Niece and Wagner Jrs. Two of my friends got married today (shout-out to Carl and Krystal), and since unfortunately we can not go their reception tomorrow we filmed a little video for them! I'll share the video in a couple days, after they've seen it :)
Wish we could be there, but tis life!



Chapter 314

Day 134 - May 23, 2012


I stumbled upon this song on Sunday and have immediately fallen in love. The message is just beautiful. I am daughter of Heavenly Father who loves me, and I love him.

Other things I have stumbled upon recently that need a shout-out 

It is actually embarrassing the amount of times I have watched the above video. It's ridiculous, I've lost count. Seriously.

Want more random awesomeness. Click here. Let's be Tumblr friends :)

You're welcome.

In other exciting news, Hunger Games will be released on Blu-ray August 18th, the day I leave for Maine. Perfect timing, hands down running to a Target and watching it over and over and over and over and OVER again!!! This will make Maine even that more awesome!! HOORAY! 



Chapter 313

Day 133 - May 22, 2012


I just just JUST put down Invisible Things. Let me just take a moment and talk about my disappointment. Too many things made this book frustrating:
1. There weren't any chapters. If there is one thing I hate about books, is when they aren't chaptered and I have to pretty much read it in one sitting, when I don't have the time. GRRR!
2. The ending was SO random. I didn't even realize it was the end. Seriously. The last line, yes was super cute, and I love Sophie and Mikael
3. So many questions are roaming around my head! I hate with a passion unanswered questions.
4. What the heck was with Elsa?! Such a random character. I still don't understand what she wanted. 
It wasn't nearly as good as the first. Still a page turner, but that was just because there weren't any chapters...

Although I must say I L-O-V-E Sophie's makeup on the cover!


Well on to the next. This book will soon be forgot.



Chapter 312

Day 132 - May 21, 2012


You know it's meant to be when you are going to purchase a CD and there is only one left! Birdy has officially become my new favourite! She has been playing non stop on my laptop for the past few days. SO incredible! Her cover of Skinny Love is just beautiful! Along with everything else she does!

Yep every time.

Have a listen. Trust me, it's worth it!! 



Chapter 311

Day 130 - May 19, 2012

 Day 131 - May 20, 2012


Yesterday was spent at the beautiful Montreal Temple! I love how only two weeks ago I was there :) This time I was the babysitter! The weather was absolutely stunning! Sunny, warm, and little Norah loved looking at all the plants. 

After we walked around for a bit, she gave in and fell asleep. So I went to the chapel and read the second half of Delirium. I must admit the first half of the book I wasn't super thrilled with. See I read Uglies LONG before this book came out and it's very, very similar! But only the first half. There were multiple times I was super frustrated with Lena. Perhaps this is a spoiler, but why the heck didn't her and Alex just stay in the Wilds the first time they went????!! They made a huge deal about how hard it would be to cross the border, and they just stayed the night! What the Abercrombie and FITCH!!!?? Kelsi can back me up on this, I actually let out a tiny scream of frustration! All in all, and really enjoyable read. Definitely a page turner! I read the majority of it in one sitting. Also frustrating, I put a hold on the sequel at the Library, and I am number 70 in 29 copies. You people better all read as fast as I can because I swear I need to read the sequel NOW! The ending just KILLED ME!!!

(even the cover is like the Uglies Series. Grrr)

I pretty much raided the library a couple days ago. Going to be reading like a crazy this summer!!!



Chapter 310

Day 128 - May 17, 2012

Day 129 - May 18, 2012


Hooray for a four day weekend!!!!!! 
Plans for the weekend:
+Dust my room
+Read Delirium
+Cuddles with Norah Borah
+Trip to the Temple
+Rehearsal for our Broadway night (yep I'm a soloist!!!)
+Visiting B's new pad
+Head downtown for a bit on Monday
+Perhaps a bike ride ;)

Going to be a fun weekend. I wasn't expecting it, but my boss is awesome like that!



Chapter 309

This time 3 years ago I was getting ready for Prom. Wooopdeedoo!! I was uberly uber excited!! You know how everyone says you are going to look back and realize how prom really isn't a big deal and you're all like "Nu-uhhh!! Prom will be my favourite memory ever!!" Yeah I've finally realized those people were right (shout out to the parentals and Andrew). With that said, prom was super duper fun! I really did enjoy it... but it wasn't nearly as romantic, or incredible as I thought it would be. Then again, that's what I thought my whole high school experience was going to be like... and yeah no ;) 

Garden Parties

I went to two garden parties. It was slightly dramatic. Two of my closest friends were each having a garden party at their houses before the dance. And since I didn't want to step on any toes I went to both. 

First was Beaners (pink dress). These three girls are on the list of why HS rocked butt! Wow looking at these pictures are actually hilarious! I can't even get over how much we've all changed. HA too much. I'm peeing, I swear. Not actually.. that would be gross.


Next was Beci's. Beci is a party hardy kind of gal, has a mansion of a house and the place was packed with people! It was pretty intense!

The Date

Meet Harrison. Funny story: so in January 2009 my mom says to me "Hey you should ask Harrison to prom!" After an awkward moment of intense blushing, I just say: "uh, NO! Are you crazy!!??" So here's the thing, I had the biggest crush on this kid. We'd never talked.... EVER. And yet I was madly in love with him. Why? ... Are you ready for this? Because he looks like.. ZAC EFRON! Yep, I am shallow individual, I admit it! We were in the same stake, and he is cousins with my Bishop. I had been drooling over this child for years. Pathetic? Yes.
 After months and months of brushing the idea away, I finally had the courage during March break (right after watching HSM3 I might add) to call Harrison, a boy I had never talked to before, to go to prom with me. And bless his little cotton socks he said yes! Honestly he is such a fun guy, and I am so glad I got the opportunity to get to know him, as a friend! I'll never forget walking down the stairs all done up and there is Harrison standing at the bottom of the stairs. I felt like a princess, and what does he say? "DANNG!" K just kill me now boy! For reals!!!!!!!! I wanted him to fall madly in love with me. Truth. But seriously, long over that. Great guy, and yes I still think he looks like Zefron, but I have grown up from that. He's a good friend!
Months later my mom says to me: "I can't believe you actually asked him! I never would have had the guts to do it." To be honest I am pretty shocked myself! 
Ready for something even funnier? He is now serving a mission in the Philippines and my best friend dated him for the last 6 months he was in Ottawa. She is unofficially, officially waiting for him. Just thought it was ironic. 

The Dinner and Dance:

Nothing uber memorable. Just a mediocre dinner, and an average dance with crappy music. Another funny story: After 4 years of waiting I finally had my dance with Harrison. First Youth Conference I asked him and he said he had a waiting list. AWKWARD. Then again, look who got the last laugh! MUAHAHA!HA!HA! :) 

And now an homage to the people I no longer talk to.

The list could go on, but we shall stop at these 4. 

After the festivities, and once everyone starting drifting off to their rooms to get crazy drunk, Harrison and I took our leave. Listened to She and Him on the way home, then went to do some bowling :) I must thank you Harrison, for not just a splendid evening, but for introducing me to She and Him. My life has been changed forever.

I still can't believe this was 3 years ago! I swear I don't feel 21. I still feel like that insecure 18 year old who was so worried about impressing other people. Who am I kidding. I may still feel 18, but there is no way I am anything like that insecure little 18 year old. As long ago as it seems, whenever I see those friends from high school, it's like nothing has changed and even if we haven't spoken in months, we can still hug and act totally normal. Thank goodness for that! If anyone hates awkward encounters, it's me!! Part of me misses high school. Life was so much simpler then. But the more I think about it, I wouldn't trade these complex, confusing days for those easier ones. No way Jose!!!!


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