Chapter 539

On Sunday night a dear friend of mine posted this gem of a picture on Facebook.
If I remember correctly, this was my first ever trip to the temple.
That was almost ten years ago.
One decade.
The amount of changes that have happened.
The boys and girls in this group that have gone on missions, and returned.
The people I have had to watch fall away from the church.

Youth was hard for me.
Really hard.
Not your average kind of "hard" though.
Yes I had my rough patches, but I never doubted my testimony.
What made it hard was watching people I cared about go through extremely hard trials, and turn away from the gospel.
They knew it was true, but it is so easy to get distracted.
Everyone has their agency and I totally get that, but it's so difficult when your dearest friends close the door on your friendship.
It seemed like everyone I got close to wanted nothing to do with the church, or me.

But this year I have had an amazing experience.
The boy every girl had a crush on was inactive for years,
baptized his youngest sister this summer.
The girl who was my best friend for a few years then went to high school with and we never spoke,
will be serving a mission in St George Utah in January.
The girl that I never really gave the chance to get to know better,
now I have the second chance to really try with her.
The boy who was my dearest friend, shared so much with, and decided didn't want anything to do with me,
gave a talk in church that gave me goosebumps, and gave me the prompting to reach out again.

To see them go through life, and extremely hard situations and have the strongest testimonies, strengthens my testimony.
They are such examples to me.
They are my angels.


There are still people in this picture I haven't seen in years.
But I know that Heavenly Father is preparing them, and they will return.

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