Chapter 538

Day 340 - December 15, 2012
Day 341 - December 16, 2012
Day 342 - December 17, 2012
After a busy morning at work, my parents, Alex and I headed over to Upper Canada Village for a night out.
Upper Canada Village is this village completely built to emulate the pioneer time.
Fun fact: there was a bunch of scenes filmed for Joseph Smith: Prophet of the Restoration in the village :)
The Christmas lights looked beautiful.
It's a shame it was so cold. FREEZING!

Church was absolutely incredible.
We had our Christmas Sacrament meeting and it was just divine.
Being able to hear a dear friend give a talk in church and bearing his testimony in such a beautiful way was such a precious moment.

Kelsi's younger brother was down for the weekend, so after church we headed back to their place for some dinner and fun.
As the night progressed it turned into a "Ethan Talent Show"
Seriously, this kid is hilarious.
He was juggling, doing trick yo-yo and jamming on his guitar.
Such a great night.
Family bonding, and cuddles.
My favourite.

And surfing youtube for every single Les Mis interview :)
This one is by far the best.
Anna Hathaway says it best at 7:23.
I swear I am going to be crying this entire film!!


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