Chapter 532

Last Night
One word: Perfection.
Like I mentioned in my last post we had our annual Ward Christmas Party.
There were so many hilarious talents.
We had an incredible roast beef dinner.
But my favourite part of the night had to be our "door prizes"

One of the counsellors in our Bishopric works for a radio station and gets crazy free stuff.
I'm talking Hockey Jerseys, iPods, cds, briefcases, but the best of them all is advanced screenings for movies.
I walk over to the table and see two tickets to see Les Miserables on December 19th.
I literally was going to tackle someone if I didn't win them.
Unfortunately my name got picked earlier for a smaller prize.
Fortunately Clarissa won them and is taking me as her guest.

So here's a little review.
On December 19th, at 7pm I will be seeing Les Mis!
The date couldn't be more perfect.
I can know channel my sobbing (Alex goes home for the holidays the same day) into something that is not pathetic.

I'm excited.

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