Chapter 531

Day 332 - December 8, 2012
Day 334 - December 9, 2012
 Day 335 - December 10, 2012
My home ward threw their annual Ward Christmas Party, so of course I had to go :)
Can I just emphasize how much I love that everyone I introduce Alex to instantly adores him!!!
It's just perfection!

Went to my family ward, for Dawson's "homecoming talk"
I have decided that there is nothing more adorably nerdy than Alex in a bow tie. I die. 
That night we had our Stake Christmas Musical Fireside. 

Went to work.
And now I am just writing my blog, reading and waiting for my ride.
Going to be headed off to my ward's Christmas dinner and talent show.
It is always extremely entertaining so I can not WAIT to go!

The lesson I learned this weekend:
It is always uncomfortable to bring your boyfriend to the ward you grew up in. 
Some comments just made me laugh. 
"Who's this young man with his arm around you?"
"Let's welcome visitors. Rebekah can you introduce your friend?" (apparently Alex is incapable of doing so himself)
"This is becoming a regular occurrence. You two together." (well considering that we're together, yes...)
"I see you've been doing well Rebekah."
I could go on and on!
Of course they are all adorably harmless, but I still find them a tad awkward. 
Let's just say there was a lot of blushing this weekend.
A weekend of Christmas festivities. 
So. Much. Fun.



  1. Precious! That pic of you two laughing :) It warms my heart

  2. been wondering when we would see pictures! Cute!


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