Chapter 529

Day 331 - December 7, 2012
Introduced Alex to Elf.
I'm extremely grateful that he appreciates it's humour just as much as I do.

Picked dad up at the airport.
Girl weeks with mom are fun, but we miss dad terribly!
Sometimes we just need to have his little Donal Duck voice to make things even better!

Later that night I was reunited with Dawson Lybbert.
I learned two things that night.
1. Everything has changed.
2. Tyler and Dawson are the 2 friends that have been in my life the longest.
Thick and thin, we've been through everything, and we still remained the closest friends through it all.

Afterwards I went to a dance.
Man YSA dances just bug me.
Sometimes I miss youth. But only sometimes.
Dances were just so much more fun.
People weren't afraid of meeting new people.
The only thing that made it worth it was dancing with Alex.
That boy just gets more and more incredible!

Also I am WAY too excited about this movie!
And that was my random Friday in a nutshell.



  1. Okay that teaser literally kills me! Yes it did just because Star Trek is one of my all time favorite movies!


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