Chapter 526

Day 329 - December 5, 2012
Studying in my PJs until the late morning.
Completely cleaning up my closet and bookshelf. 
Did a little bit of reorganizing.
Went through my files on my laptop. 
Found a lot of pictures I had saved since I was in high school. 
I'm talking about those Zac Efron and Bieber pictures. Time to bid you farewell fellas!
I deleted all my old files of my past blog designs. They were just taking up way too much space!

I've realized that having a cluttered room and cluttered laptop gives you a cluttered life. 
My first step in overcoming my anxiety is to clean it out. I'm almost there. 
Moving forward, even when it's little things, makes all the difference.
I can't believe that this year is almost over!
2012 was an incredible year for me! I had so many things to learn, and people to meet.
My blog has tripled in the amount of readers in the past year. 
For me that is HUGE!
Can I just say something? I just love you guys. 
I've said this countless times, but there are things on this blog that I have shared with not even one judgemental or hate comment. 
I love being able to share my thoughts, my life and most importantly my faith in a place where I am comfortable.
Believe it or not this blog has really helped me come out of my shell when it comes to my faith.
You all rock!!

Since Project 365 of 2012 is coming to an end I've been thinking what I am going to do for 2013. 
I loved taking a picture everyday. 
I've learned to bring my camera everywhere, to take pictures of things that seem unimportant, and to not be ashamed of having my picture taken in public. 
It has helped me to become a more consistent blogger.


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