Chapter 523

Do yourself a favour and watch

Every single one. Again. Again. And again.

Now go ahead and watch all of these as well.

Who am I
A Heart Full of Love
At the End of the Day

Absolute perfection. I must say Amanda Seyfried is a huge disappointment from what I have heard so far. Too much vibrato, and too much like Snow White. It's a good thing I'm not a huge Cosette fan anyway.

And I will definitely admit that I was wrong. Anne Hathaway is going to be INCREDIBLE as Fantine! I am seriously speechless!!!!!!! When I heard she was going to play Fantine I was not happy, but when the trailer was released I was pleasantly surprised. And after watching her in "At the End of the Day", I can gladly say she is perfection!!!

Now the big question is: Do I count down to Christmas, or Les Mis coming to theatres?



  1. totally how i feel about cosette! totally snow white. i begged to see it on christmas eve/opening night but i guess it was too much to ask... so the day after christmas it is! i was skeptical about anne hathaway as well, but then again i doubted her as cat woman too and loved her in that role!

  2. i literally cry ever single time i watch this.


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