Chapter 515


Let me tell you a bit about my Saturday:
I had to read like a beast. I borrowed a book from my campus library for an assignment, but because it was on reserve I could only have it for 24hrs. So lots of reading. It's a good thing the book was absolutely incredible!! I seriously recommend it to any Linguistic major, or even anyone in general. Such a page turner, and it just boggled my mind! Genie is such a fascinating girl!

Then I had to go back to campus to return the book. So since I was already in the general area, I went downtown and bought some Christmas gifts (and maybe a top for myself!). 

That evening, Brigitte, Jess, Caitlyn and I went to the Santa Claus parade in Orleans. Unfortunately it was freezing cold, and we couldn't stay to see Santa. We couldn't feel our toes, so we ran back to the car, drove to my house, and sprawled over our vents to warm up! 

Then it was time for some late dinner and a girls night. Our movie of choice?
I just adore that movie, and I hadn't watched it in years!!!! 

Weekends are my favourite. Nights with the girls from Big Apple, family dinner, games, and church. 


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  1. Totally thought about that movie the other day, and how awesome it is and how I haven't seen it in years!


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