Chapter 506

Day 309 - November 15, 2012
Nothing better than having babysitting this little bundle for a few minutes.
I have a confession. I watched the trailer for "The Host" and I am strongly considering going to see it. I thought I was done with Stephanie Meyer. I read Twilight in high school and my hormonal adolescent self related perfectly to Bella.. but now, no. I vowed to never read the books again, simply because I enjoyed them, but I know now I would hate them to pieces. And since Meyer is not a solid author, I never had an interest in reading The Host. But after watching the trailer, I may do it. I know, call me crazy, or whatever else you want, but why not give it a chance?
Wednesday night has been designated as the "hang out with Jenn downtown" day. As we were walking around the market I had a sudden desire to work there. I don't know if it will ever happen, but there is just something about that place that I love!


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  1. The Host is way WAY better than Twilight. Twilight sucks. ;)


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