Chapter 500

I know I have said this countless times, but I still can not believe that I have stuck with this blog. I'm a starter, rarely a finisher. The amount of half knit scarves I have scattered throughout my room. My Balthazar and Eliza business that lasted for a few months. The ridiculous amount of fabric I have downstairs, waiting to be sewn into dresses. My sketchbook that has 4 drawings in it. But for some reason I have never once had any desire to stop writing. A lot has happened over the course of the past 500 posts. I said farewell to friends, met new ones, reunited with people I never thought I would have a friendship with again, I learned how to play the guitar, had the most stressful year in school, I transitioned from a girl who only wore leggings and thrifted sweaters to a jean and boots kind of girl, I fell in love, I got my heart broken, I got called into the RS presidency, I got back on stage and started performing again, I became truly converted to the gospel, I finally opened myself up to a boy, and I continued to get to know myself. 
I love this blog dearly and am so grateful for the people that I have been able to get to know. Friendships with people that live in a different, and even across an ocean. I'm still shocked that there are 169 people that find my everyday life interesting. It's just my life. Nothing special, but I am glad I have been able to share so much with you all. So here's to the next 500 posts :)


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