Chapter 489

Things I would really like to buy right now.
This Tshirt is just incredible. No arguments allowed.
I've been meaning to get the entire collection of James Dean for a couple years now. I just love him

I haven't bought a new charm from Pandora in a long time!! They are just all so cute!
Now this is actually an item that I need. I had to get rid of both of my winter jackets since I lost a lot of weight in the past 8 months. I'm thinking of getting this one in burgundy :)
Also another necessity. I need a pair of winter boots that are going to last me a few years. I'm sick of replacing my Uggs every single year!!!!

I've decided to hold off on the purchases for now. I need to focus on Christmas shopping and saving. Except for the boots and coat. I need those before the first snowfall!


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