Chapter 486

Day 285 - October 22, 2012
Ok I have a confession. I have only liked 3 of the 6 songs Taylor pre-released, but I just couldn't not buy her CD. Every other October I get excited for to hear her songs, but for some reason a few of them have fallen short for me. Maybe it's the fact that she collaborated a lot for this album, but there are just a few songs that just don't work for me. I mean she's 22 years old, and I wished her songs related to me the same way they did when I was in high school, but they don't anymore. They're just sweet songs, but I don't have the emotional attachment I used to with them.

Such a shame.



  1. Glad someone else kinda feels the same about T-Swift songs!

    By the way, I nominated you & your cute blog for an award on my blog, but don't feel like you have to participate if you don't want to. :)


  2. i totally agree with what you are saying. i want her to grow up with us! she is the same age as adele... and it is just like wha?

  3. i heard one of her new songs and thought it was pretty good-- totally a different style than she normally was. it had some dubstep in it which i was totally surprised by! i'm curios to listen to the others on her new cd now

    andrea brionne


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