Chapter 482

One week. It's been one week since I was Eponine. Time has just flown by. I can't even believe October is almost over!!!! I just don't understand!
2 years. A long time on paper, and long time when it comes to the changes that have happened over those 2 years, but in reality I don't even know where they have gone!! 2 years ago I was dating a boy who just went on his mission a few months ago. 2 years ago I met a boy that would break my heart, but taught me so much about love. 2 years ago I was starting the hardest year of my life, but was able to learn so much about myself. 2 years ago my brother met his wife and now they have the cutest baby girl. 2 years ago I couldn't stand YSA, now I am in the RS presidency and loving every moment. 2 years ago I said farewell to my best friend, and today we get to say hello again.


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