Chapter 474

Last night was the night. I was so happy with how it all went! Of course I slightly messed up my words , and everyone thought I was bawling my eyes. Success!!!!! I convinced even my parents. Got to love acting. Truth is I just channelled my inner Eponine! :) I am just so glad that a dream of mine partially came true. Even if it was just for one song, on one night, I was able to be Eponine. Check that bad boy off the bucket list :)
 If you can't tell from these pictures, my mom was Elphaba. She performed twice so we literally had to scramble to do her makeup green, but it was so much fun and I am SO happy with how it turned out! I love how this was a family event. Both my parents and I had a solo, then my parents sang Edelweiss together! I just love that song!
All in all an incredible night. Nothing better than sharing something so special to you to others!



  1. hey! just found your blog and i'm love it! newest follower!! :D

    ♥, sarah
    the life of a redhead

  2. Glad it was a success. I love to act, so I know the great feeling that comes with having a great performance. :) Love the make-up for your mom!

  3. So awesome, glad you had fun :)

    Hey, I'm having trouble with your button. The html doesn't seem to work (even with the latest html code you sent through). Would you mind just sending me a 200x200 image (don't worry about the html) and i'll get it up asap :)


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