Chapter 472

Day 274 - October 11, 2012
This morning I did some unpacking, read the Downton Abbey season 3 book, and cuddled with Norah. It was great to see her and Andrew and Kelsi. 
Tonight was our dress rehearsal for the Chapel Hill Broadway night. Let me tell you the story. Chapel Hill is my home ward, and our stake centre. Elder Oddle is a missionary who is serving his last few transfers in Chapel Hill. Now this young man has hands down the most beautiful voice I have ever heard!! His range is just ridiculous! He wanted the ward to do more activities so he suggested we have a Broadway night. And yes we did have one on a stake level only a few months ago, but that had a full orchestra and staging. This one is more low key. We still have costumes and makeup, and we are still acting to a degree, but we are just being accompanied by a piano. I love the feeling of being back on stage! I can't wait to be on that stage again!!



  1. downtown abby!!!!! and a very adorable baby.

    Also a broadway night sounds like entirely too much fun. take pictures!

  2. I love Downtown Abby - It needs to come on again soon!!

    Chapel Hill NC? Or a differen't Chapel Hill?


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