Chapter 471

Day 273 - October 10, 2012
This past week was the perfect break. It was just what I needed. Handed in an assignment the same we left, and got my grade on the morning we were heading back home. My grade, wait for it....
A- !!!!!
I still can't get over it! It was the perfect start of the day!!!
Then it was packing and goodbye time. The week went by so fast, and I miss my people, but I am so glad to be home!! We got up early enough to see all the Moffatt kids off to school. These goodbyes weren't as hard as last time. I want to try and make it down again in April, or perhaps in the summer again :) We had a few hours until we needed to be at the airport, so Elise Ellen and I watched a few episodes of White Collar. Ellen got me hooked. Great because I clearly have time to be addicted to another TV show!!
Airport time. We flew to Chicago then on to Ottawa. On the second flight I thought I was going throw up everywhere! Got nauseous right when we were boarding, and I spent the whole flight bent in half with my head in a paper bag. It was the longest hour and 20 minutes I have ever experienced! Thankfully I wasn't actually sick. I'm still recovering today, but I'm just glad to be in my bed!


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