Chapter 450 - Guest Post

Today you will be able to meet the lovely Keena! This girl is the cutest thing, and I have the biggest envy for her wardrobe! Enjoy!!
Hello blogging world! I am Keena. You can find me HERE at 'just a dash of keena'  I am here to guest post today for miss Rebekah Wagner, on her fabulous blog! 

I was asked to show my favorite pair of shoes today. So here you have it. The 6" wedges that make any outfit fancy, are actually surprisingly comfortable, and in my favorite pattern: CHEETAH. These shoes have taken me to school, shopping, work, and family events!
A little about me and my blog, I am a 17 year old Mormon with a love for all things fashion. I have a passion for exercising + running, sewing + crafting, being with my friends + living the high school life, and spending all the time in the world with my amazing family! I also have a big love for all things Disney, and so does the rest of my family! {see HERE}
 shirt: Cotton On // pants: Joe's // shoes: Target //  jewelry: Nordstrom + XX1 + Target

I blog about my daily life with a little bit of craftiness, fashion, and random things I fancy. I personally take most of my photos posted, but my fabulous sister helps me out with the pictures of myself! I have blogged for just over 2 years, and it has now become quite the little hobby!

5 words to describe my blog:

Picture journal of my life. 

So, stop by and say hello! And don't be shy... I don't bite :)
Thanks Keena! You're a rockstar!!!


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