Chapter 445

Day 242 - September 9, 2012
Day 243 - September 10, 2012
I am just too excited for this year! I did some readings for my classes tonight and it was so interesting. I hate reading textbooks, like hate hate, but I actually enjoyed what I read. Now I know it will get exhausting after a while, but this year I am determined!
Today I started work again and let me just take this moment to express how happy I am that I only twice a week!! this time last year I was at work every single day, and it sucked. It's what I wanted, but for an entire year to be working fulltime in retail is just a bummer. It's not me. So I am doing something about it! Hooray for school! This week is going to be just as crazy and fun as the last. A bunch of YSA get togethers, school, milkshakes with friends, and maybe even a day trip to Palmyra with some girls.


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  1. I always start off the semester with extreme determination.. and I hope it lasts. I only have two more left so I can't wait. Milkshakes with friends is a good way to keep yourself motivated. If I study, i get a milkshake ;)


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