Chapter 440

Day 237 - September 3, 2012
Monday. Catching some crazy waves, one last Lime Ricky and ice cream, having a sand castle built on my back, neighbour Julia saying goodbye to Norah (she renamed her doll Baby Norah), dinner at Captain's Galley, a trip to the candy store to pick up some salt water taffy, making Norah dance to One Direction, playing settlers, listening to Norah talk to herself at 5:30 AM.

Today is our last day. It feels like I have been here for an eternity. I have loved to time I have spent here, as always, but I can not wait to get back to things!! Lunch of Brigitte and Thursday, school on Friday, and a dance, girls movie day on Saturday and church Sunday. I can't wait to see who is new in our ward this year! I love the first few months of school because there are so many people that I can get to know better!

SO here's to my favourite month, here's to starting over, here's to finally feeling right about what I am studying, and here's to the new year. I feel everything is going to go right this year. Finally.



  1. Its such a great feeling when you love your work or studies. I just switched majors and am excited for a fresh start for my last year of undergrad!

    Best of luck :)

  2. I love the places you go and the pictures you take:)


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