Chapter 431

7 Questions
Derek and I in Maine 2008. This kid is now taller than me. Not right at all!

1. Hamburger or hotdog?
Definitely hamburger. Always.

2. If you had to live on any other planet in our solar system, besides Earth, which would you choose?
Goodness gracious, I have no idea. Let's say Venus, planet of love. Am I right?

3. Share a photo of an outfit that represents you personal style.
I love looks that don't like you put much thought into it. I'm really digging button up blouses, knit tops, blazers, statement necklaces and cropped skinnies.

4. Would you rather get ready for the day, or get ready for bed?
I love getting ready in the morning. Let me rephrase that: I love getting ready in the morning, when I am not rushed! I love taking my time and primping :) Yes I am a girl.

5. You have to choose between never having eyelashes or never having eyebrows, which would you choose?
Ok this is just wrong. I seriously can not choose. I guess I could wear false eyelashes my whole life, but that would just suck..

6. What do you want to be when you grow up?
A mom. Always been my top. I would love to continue blogging, and maybe have that become a mini career. If being a mom isn't in my future, I would love to be a teacher.

7. Do you set you clock right on time, or a little ahead/behind?
I set my clock anywhere between 5-10 minutes ahead. I like looking at the clock when I am getting ready and know that it's not the actual time.


  1. I didn't even think about the fake lashes....maybe Ill go change my answer now... cute blog!

  2. I'm the same with the clock and you have the cutest style Bekah!

  3. love your style! I like that casual but put together look too. :)

  4. I like the picture you chose for this post. : ] I am always and forever in disbelief of how much taller my cousins are every time I see them. Most of them have passed me in height, and some are not even half my age!


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