Chapter 417

7 Questions - Back to school Edition

Since it is back to school season, let's take a moment and laugh at my high school student cards.
And yes, my school had uniforms. Be jealous.

1. It's back to school time. Are you going back to school?
Heck yes I am. It's been a rather frustrating year off. I've missed University. Can't wait to learn!

2. Speaking of school... you get 10 points if you can name this TV show:
"I love you all. Class dismissed." HINT: only the best TV show of all time :)

3. Who did you hang out with in school?
My group was the normals. I was never into cliques, so I made sure I had friends that varied in every way! The big group of girls that I hung out with were awesome though! We had a HUGE group. Although the last semester of grade 12, a lot of them got on my nerves. I'll be straight up, there are a lot of superficial people out there, who are fun to be around but don't give you any type of lasting friendship, and that was what a lot of my friends were like in high school. I've only stayed in contact with a dozen or so.
4. What was your favourite subject?
I have always loved English, but since university I adore my History classes!

5. If you had to go back and redo one of the following, which would you choose and why? Preschool, Elementary School, Middle School, High School, College?
Uh none. :) Well if I had to choose probably high school. I got so caught up in the social aspect of school. I worried too much, and I didn't really know who I was. I mean I knew I was a Daughter of God, but I didn't know myself personally. I thought high school was the greatest when I was living it, but looking back it was just all in all an experience that sucked. So glad I'm done.

6. Home/packed lunch or school lunch?
Packed lunch all the way!

7. What's more exciting: The first or last day of school?
Definitely the first!!! I love getting dressed super cute and rocking my walk down the hallways. Yeah yeah!!

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