Chapter 415

Day 215 - August 12, 2012
Day 216 - August 13, 2012
My day off was spent watching the Olympics closing ceremonies (hooray for One Direction), Upstairs Downstairs, surfing Tumblr and Pinterest, buying some new nail polish, and most importantly becoming SUPER excited for Taylor Swift's new single!!!!!!!!! Ok yes, the title is the stupidest thing ever, but I kind of really love it! It's catchy and fun!
Also the CD cover is beautiful!!! October 22nd is going to be a great day!!



  1. Um...I love Taylor Swift. She steals my heart. AND your turban headband thing is awesome! Where did you get it? Don't you dare tell me you made it

  2. You have a great blog! I have also heard incredible things about that book, but I have not read it yet. Let us know how it is!

    Please check out my blog!


    xx em

    PS. I also love the head band!


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