Chapter 412

Day 214 - August 11, 2012
My mom and I kind of overdid a little shopping today. Just a little. Telling my mom she looks incredible in skinny jeans, convincing her to purchase them, throwing things at her to try on, then trying stuff on together was highly entertaining. I have come to the following conclusion: 
Gap will be the death of my bank account.
That is all.



  1. UGH! I miss my discount so much.

  2. but fall shopping is so much fun!!!
    RIP bank account

  3. especially when they have sales! I hate Gap and their enticing sales

  4. okay, so i work at GAP and i spend my ENTIRE paycheck there. i cannot help it! i LOVE that shirt with the owls and the red & cream cardigan (i think i see that in the bag? ) i have them both and LOVE them!!! hahah.

  5. also... we just got our new spring line in... SO CUTE. don't go in the store unless you have a couple bucks you can spend!


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