Chapter 410 - Guest Post

I have a very special guest blogger today. Meet Kirsten. Let me tell you, she is definitely my favourite blog out there. Seriously though. I love this girl. Her comments always make me smile. She's just such a gem!!
hi, so i'm kirsten from K & R. i was so excited when bekah asked me to guest post. anyways, i'd love if you'd stop by our blog, we try to keep it exciting and there are always tons of pictures of me and my super cute hubby. with fall right around the corner, i have a feeling things are going to get much more exciting and a whole lot pretty over here. 

anyways, as a girl i love shoes, i never thought i was that type of girl, but every girl is. my favorite shoes are a pair of sandals that i got in france in 6th grade. i still have them yes as a senior in college, but they are slowly starting to disintegrate, so my goal was to find some replacements.
those are the original shoes, and luckily when we went to see my hubby's family in AZ i found these suckers so they are relatively new, so i'm just breaking them in this summer.  my original sandals have literally been everywhere, france, lake tahoe, and everywhere in between. i can't help but wear them and think of all of the summers i've worn them, and i don't think i'll ever get rid of them to be honest, they've still got plenty of wear of them. 

when i wear these strappy sandals i think summer dresses and warm days, and being from vegas that's all we had. so i put this little outfit together inspired by my strappy sandals, easy, light and ready to go for almost any occasion i think.
what are your favorite shoes? i'm definitely a seasonal shoe person, because i love boots, but when its a 100 degrees outside nothing beats a pair sandals and a dress. with the end of summer i know i'll have to put these sandals away soon so i'm getting all the wear out of them that i can for now. 

5 Words to describe our blog:

Newlyweds, funny, truthful, exciting (sometimes), awesome

anyways, thanks for having me bekah. hope you guys decide to stop on by and check out my blog. 

Thanks again Kirsten! You're the best!



  1. Bekah! I nominated you for the Liebster award, come over to my blog to get your prize....or questions :)

  2. Hi Kirsten! this made me smile, because I have a pair of sandals worn to the max that I just love and can't get rid of! I know exactly what you mean! :)
    new follower, thanks for introducing Bekah!

  3. you are too nice, seriously.
    thanks again cute girl!



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