Chapter 408

Day 209 - August 6, 2012
Day 210 - August 7, 2012
I can't say enough good things about my new Lush shampoo! I've been using their solid shampoo, for a few months now and have really loved it, except for the fact that it really knots my hair when I am lathering. So I decided to buy one of their liquid shampoos. "I Love Juicy" smells like skittles, I kid you not! It's just divine!! 
Yesterday I read "Edenbrooke" in a few hours. A few friends from my home ward read it, so I thought why not! Such a good book!! I am so happy I read it!!
Marianne Daventry is not a city girl. But after her mother death's (14 months ago) she was forced to live with her grandmother in Bath. She misses the simple life of living in the country, so when her twin sister, Cecily, invites her to an estate in the countryside, she jumps at the chance. Although they are twins, Cecily and Marianne couldn't be more different. Marianne is quiet, doesn't know a thing about flirting or men, while Cecily is over the top, puts her morals in compromising situations, and is extremely shallow. Her sister has her eyes on the heir of Edenbrooke estate, and without even realizing it, Marianne has done the same. Now Marianne must decide between the man she loves, and the love of her sister.
I highly recommend this novel. It was so beautiful. The perfect summer read!!! Nothing better than a period romance :)



  1. I love "I love juicy!"... Lush really does make the greatest shampoos :)

  2. i've tried lush shampoo, i like it but i'm definitely all about paul mitchell. haahaha.


    ps i hope you got my email


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