Chapter 407

Day 207 - August 4, 2012
THE BOX!! (yes it was filled with a number of "unmentionables")
Yesterday was the Bachelorette party of a good friend of mine. The day began with a "sexy scavenger", which was super embarrassing/entertaining. Then we had high tea, present opening, and girl chats. After about 4 hours together we thought it would be funny to crash the Bachelor party they were throwing for Jon. So we did :) We only stayed for a few minutes (the boys weren't too thrilled that we interrupted their guy time), then headed back to Jenn's for a late night swim. Truth is, as much as I complain about our dinky YSA ward, I absolutely adore the girls I have grown to know and love. It's amazing how I feel I've known some of these girls forever. I just connect with some of them so well. One in particular is Jenn Butler. I have known this girl for almost 2 years (which is crazy, it's gone by so fast), but I feel like she is someone I knew long before that. I've never known someone who is so much like me. Seriously, we are on the exact same wave length! You know in Princess Diaries when Lana is with a journalist and she says: "We even finish each others sentences." Let me tell ya, it happens! We spend hours and hours and HOURS talking! Then we have "family prayer", and read our scriptures. I just love her to bits. Her and Brigitte are the two most incredible people in my life (well also my family, duh!). They are the sisters I never had the chance to actually have!

Day 208 - August 5, 2012
Today during fast and testimony meeting, a member of our bishopric said something that really struck me. He said: "You can't worry and pray at the same time." So beautiful, and so true! Him and his wife are facing a hard time right now with health issues and I pray that through no matter what, they will feel the love of our ward and Heavenly Father.
Also on a side note, I mentioned that Ottawa is experiencing a drought, a REALLY bad drought. So as a stake we fasted for rain. And I kid you not it rained almost the entire day today! Prayers are answered. I have never doubted that, but it never ceases to amaze me how quick some of them are answered.



  1. Those teacups make me want to make teacup candles, they are so cute!!

  2. That party looks like so much fun... I love tea cups! :) A few years ago I threw a bachelorette party for a friend and the boys (from the bachelor party) crashed us. They we trying to tp my house, but ran out of toilet paper... in the meantime we hid with the water hose and completely caught them by surprise! Such a fun memory!

    I'm your newest follower! :)

  3. this looks like a super fun and fantastic party that i wish i was at. just saying.


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    You should be able to go get a sponsor spot! Email me for the code if you want The Rapunzel or The Sleeping Beauty.


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