Chapter 404

On the bus home from work today I was able to finish "The Girl in the Gatehouse". Mariah's father has decided that she no longer live with her family. One mistake, just one changed everything. Her reputation is already ruined, but that of her family's can still be saved. So she is sent to her aunt's manor to live in the gatehouse. As ashamed as she is, she starts to get used to this new life. It is quite a new world. Among all these changes, her aunt suddenly passes away. Now Mariah only has her nanny from childhood, Dixon, to keep her company. Not being able to make ends meet, she decides to anonymously write a novel. She doesn't want to bring anymore shame to her family, so she keeps it as secret as she can. Then she meets someone who she wishes she could tell all her secrets to, but she is still scared. Captain Matthew Bryant is the new tenant to Windshire Manor, and is mesmerized by the girl in the gatehouse. Even though his intentions are with another, he can't help but want to know what Mariah is hiding. 

I must admit, as much as it was enjoyable, this book was kind of a let down. I have loved every single Julie Klassen novel, but this one just had something missing, I don't know what it was, just something. It took quite a while to get into. And I'm talking like 150 pages. But once I got over those first hundred pages, I really enjoyed it!!!! I really loved Mariah. Very real! So many period novels the heroines are so peachy perfect and don't have flaws. Mariah makes some pretty huge mistakes, but she seems human. Love it! The ending was really quick, I wish there was another 50 pages, it felt a bit rushed. All in all I was happy with it. So far my least favourite of Klassen's novels. 

I'm still waiting for my last book by Klassen from the library, but until then I have a couple books I have heard about that I plan on reading :)


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