Chapter 395

Last night I watched the opening ceremonies for the Olympics, and boy oh boy, I'm excited for these games!!
 I'm usually really weirded out by the opening ceremonies, they can sometimes be a little odd for my liking. With that said London's opening ceremony was PERFECTION! Let's just take a moment and talk about how awesome Bean's segment was! I literally laughed until my stomach hurt! SO good!
 Only two things were missing that night: Michael Phelps walking with the US team, and One Direction. I mean come on!! ;)

Also I have some exciting news. Majority of you know that Brigitte and I started a modest fashion blog back in February, and starting today until August 4th we will be sponsoring a giveaway. Head on over to check it out :)


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  1. Loved it, I laughed at Mr Bean too!! I Love my country :)


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