Chapter 392

Last night I finished my third (of 6) novel written by Julie Klassen. I'm telling you I can't get enough of this author! Every single one of her books has been a little gem!!
Lilly Haswell has wanted two things her whole life. First: to travel, and second to find her mother. When she was 10 her mom just up and left, and her father refuses to talk about it. Eight years later her mother's brother and wife invite her to spend a few seasons in London and present her to society. It's not exactly an exotic destination, but it is still an adventure away from her small childhood village. After a year and a half she receives a letter from a friend saying her father is not himself. She automatically returns home and desperately tries to save her father's failing apothecary. She finally receives the answers she has been looking for for years. And she stumbles into romance along the way
I really enjoy this novel because the romance wasn't the main focus. Although it was quite a romance, I'm talking a SQUARE. That's right, not a love triangle, but a love square!! It could have failed miserably and be super dramatic, lovey-dovey book, but it was so far from it. So far it has been my least favourite of Klassen's novels, but it was still and enjoyable read. The ending really caught me off guard, not I thought things were going to play out, but I was happy with it!

Random side note: So my work receives new CD mixes every month or so, and we just a new one. I'm putting stock on the floor when I hear: THE COWBELL!! I ran into my backroom and blasted What Makes You Beautiful! Yep, I was excited. Thank you Payless for finally giving some jamming tunes!!


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