Chapter 385

Day 192 - July 20, 2012
Day One. Traveling, reading, shopping, eating potatoes, scouting for boys (..not..), pageant watching. No matter how many times I see the pageant, I love it more and more!! And every year, I want to be a member of the cast. Hands down on the top of my bucket list! It's sad though because the popularity of it has really gone down hill. It used to be PACKED! When I was growing up we had to arrive at 5 to stake our spot and wait for 4 hours until it started, but that's what made it fun! Now, not even all the seats are filled. Makes my heart weep. 

Day 193 - July 21, 2012
While mom, dad, Andrew and Kelsi headed to the temple, Brigitte and I watched Norah. We did our traditional walk through the Sacred Grove. There is something very special about that little grove of trees. Every time I walk in I feel reborn! Just beautiful. Norah was in top form. She was screaming up a storm once we got back to our hotel room. So we popped in a MK and A movie and tried to calm her... nothing was working. The poor babe was exhausted!! Once the crew got back, we headed out to the mall and did some more shopping, ate some Italien food, had fro-yos for desert and did some hot tubbing! Unfortunately Norah didn't fall asleep until 1, and was screaming, while I was feeling like I was going to puke like a crazy!! I hate being nauseous. Seriously my least favourite thing!!

Day 194 - July 22, 2012
We planned on going to sacrament meeting, but with the night we all had, we decided it would be wise to sleep in. After taking our time getting ready, we went to the temple, snapped some pictures, walked in the Sacred Grove, and drove to the top of Hill Cumorah. We all crashed in the car. Such an exhausting trip, so it is great to be home!! It was a splendid weekend, although I swear, the day we get from Palmyra is a day that will forever be cursed. Last year I received a heart breaking phone call, and this year (not even close to as depressing as last year, but still super frustrating), I lost ALL of my pictures that were taken vertically. And let me tell ya, there were some great shots. I love pictures, they always trigger a memory, so knowing that I will never have those again makes my heart ache. 

Tomorrow I fully intend on doing nothing. Yep. Sleeping and reading.. oh and some laundry. But that is IT!! :)


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  1. I love your scarf on the top pics, and what pageant is that? I've heard of a bunch in the Utah area but I've never been to any of the,


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