Chapter 381

Day 187 - July 17, 2012
Day 190 - July 18, 2012
Thanks to Brave, my longing for long red hair has returned. I haven't felt this way since Little Mermaid. Seriously people, I have major envy for an animated character. Not fair. You don't understand.. go watch Brave and you will feel the exact same way!!!!

Tonight was spent watching Inspector Lewis, and reading. LOVING The Maid of Fairbourne Hall, very Downtown Abbey-esque :)



  1. I love red hair! Love it love it love it! So much that one time my ovsession took over and at 3 am I found myself at walgreens and then over my sink rinsing purple out of my hair. So when you give it, do at a decent time of the day:)

  2. I always wanted to be the little mermaid. My name is even almost hers (Marielle, in stead of Arielle) I always used to pretend being a mermaid in the pool as a kid haha.

  3. Princess Merida definitely has the most luscious, beautiful, fiery red hair and I want it in a bad way.


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