Chapter 379

Day 187 - July 15, 2012
Well Adam and Alicia said their goodbyes today. They headed back to Toronto after lunch and some Norah cuddles :) I love their visit, and miss them already! Adam sure found a gem of a girl with Alicia!

I finally went to YSA this week. I haven't gone in a month, and I kind of liked not going (as awful as that sounds). I didn't think I missed my family ward that much but I have. Then again I realized I missed YSA :) Seeing my friends again was perfect. Not to mention the sacrament meeting talks were incredible!! Definitely an uplifting Sabbath !


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  1. Isn't it weird how you don't realize how much you miss something-or even at all- until you go back to it? It is sad sometimes that we can't feel that gap until we try to fill it again and realize how empty that space became


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