Chapter 374

Day 182 - July 10, 2012
Today was a very productive and relaxing day for me :) I was able to register for my classes and I am super excited to go back!! I was able to work it out so that the only days I have classes are Wednesday and Friday. The best part: Classes start at 10! Booyah! I am not a fan of 8:30 classes. Ever since first year, I avoid them at all cost! After that I headed downtown to Rideau centre and the market. I just adore the market! Downtown is always pretty, but there is just something about summer that just makes everything come to life!
I was finally able to head to Lush! I've been wanting to buy a shampoo, and face wash from there for the longest time, so I am super pleased to be able to check that off my list of things to do!!
One: Angels on Bare Skin face cleanser
Two: Quo precision foundation brush
Three: Seanik sold shampoo
Four: Yves Saint Laurent Shocking volume mascara

This week is so far been awesome, and it's only going to get better! Adam and Alicia are coming down, Wicked, and great weather. What else could I ask for? :)



  1. Your pictures are absolutely stunning!

  2. Tea Tree products are amazing! Along with checking things off lists :) Tots the best


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