Chapter 400

400th post...and 125 readers! Wow I can't believe that I, the un-finisher Rebekah Wagner, has stuck to this little blog for so long! The amount of things I have started and got frustrated with and just quit is a pretty long list! I am so grateful that I have stuck to it. I really have a strong passion for my blog. I love reading through old posts and see how I have changed and grown. In some ways A Mile in Her Shoes is a mini journal.  Just going back and looking at the evolution of my blog and way of reading is pretty entertaining. A huge thank you to every single one of you for reading along! Whether you've been around since the beginning, or just joined, you are all the best!

I have been able to meet so many amazing people through this blog and I have loved every minute of it!! Even though we have never met face to face, I feel as if I have known some of you for years! Please if you ever have an questions, or just want to say hello send me an email (rebekahannewagner@gmail.com). Don't be a stranger :)

Again thank you all!! I love you to bits!
So this evening is being spent watching Olympics with my homegirl
Also.. YES PHELPS!!!!!!!!!!!
Being able to watch both his silver medal (talk about frustration!) and his gold medal swim. And of course he starts tearing up on the podium. Oh just kill me why dontcha!


Chapter 399

Day 203 - July 31, 2012
I tried a gibson roll with my hair today, and it is surprisingly one of the easiest hairstyles EVER!!! Definitely hooked!!
So Olympics has been my life. Yep. And I know, I know, I haven't discussed the fact that Phelps did not medal. For some reason I feel that if I don't talk about it, then it actually didn't happen. And yes I am Canadian, but Phelps is my boy. I mean come on, remember when I had a Michael Phelps calendar? 
Or that time when Andrew surprised me with a DVD he bought about him.
And yes Ryan Lochte is a beautiful being, but I can't. He ain't no Phelps. Come on boy, win big!

So today is my day off. My plan for the day: watch Olympics.. and perhaps read. Other than that, nothing! :)



Chapter 398

Day 202 - July 30, 2012
I love summer. I love wearing no jackets. I love how light it is outside. I love getting freckles. I love how people smile more. I love running into friends from school and catching up. I love not being tied down. I love summer music. Sugarland will forever be my summer band. I am ALWAYS listening to them!



Chapter 397

Day 201 - July 29, 2012
Ottawa has been going through a rough drought this summer. It has rain only 3 (maybe 4) times this entire summer! The grass is like straw, and it's so humide, not super hot, but REALLY humid. I couldn't help but smile when I saw this little flower. All the flowers surrounding it are completely dried up, but this little fella is still going strong :) Even through hard times, we can still grow. We have the essentials: scriptures, prayers, friends, family. I am grateful for those simple things that can still help us grow. 

Last night I had the opportunity to spend the night at the Big Apple (the new house of Jenn, Brigitte, Caitlin, Jessica and Carissa). Jenn has been alone this summer in the house (minus Jess's sublet), so I thought it was about time I gave her some company. Jenn is one of my dearest friends. She is bang on when it comes to the gospel, such an incredible listener, and so dang hilarious. Seriously our conversations span from trying remember what the twelve sons of Jacob's names are, to making Eustace faces. I absolutely love this girl, and I can't wait for the fall when I can see her so much more!!!! Definitely one of my kindred spirits! 



Chapter 396

Day 200 - July 28, 2012
The weather was stunning today, so we thought we would take complete advantage of that! Picnic, blowing bubbles, sunbathing and swimming. And now I am off to Jenn's place for a much needed girls night! A fantastic end to a perfect day!


Chapter 395

Last night I watched the opening ceremonies for the Olympics, and boy oh boy, I'm excited for these games!!
 I'm usually really weirded out by the opening ceremonies, they can sometimes be a little odd for my liking. With that said London's opening ceremony was PERFECTION! Let's just take a moment and talk about how awesome Bean's segment was! I literally laughed until my stomach hurt! SO good!
 Only two things were missing that night: Michael Phelps walking with the US team, and One Direction. I mean come on!! ;)

Also I have some exciting news. Majority of you know that Brigitte and I started a modest fashion blog back in February, and starting today until August 4th we will be sponsoring a giveaway. Head on over to check it out :)



Chapter 394

Kaye Spade

Kate Spade by rebekahannewagner

It's official, I am addicted to Kate Spade. Ugh why are you so dang expensive??!!!!


Chapter 393

Day 199 - July 27, 2012
The week of new hairstyles continues :) Today I went with a simply side bun. I'm a little worried it might not hold a work, since I have a super crapy hairspray. No matter the circumstance NEVER buy KMS California Hair Stay. It is horrible!!! I plan on purchasing some new hair products in the next few weeks. Kevin Murphy and Big Sexy Hair are my top two to buy at the moment. 



Chapter 392

Last night I finished my third (of 6) novel written by Julie Klassen. I'm telling you I can't get enough of this author! Every single one of her books has been a little gem!!
Lilly Haswell has wanted two things her whole life. First: to travel, and second to find her mother. When she was 10 her mom just up and left, and her father refuses to talk about it. Eight years later her mother's brother and wife invite her to spend a few seasons in London and present her to society. It's not exactly an exotic destination, but it is still an adventure away from her small childhood village. After a year and a half she receives a letter from a friend saying her father is not himself. She automatically returns home and desperately tries to save her father's failing apothecary. She finally receives the answers she has been looking for for years. And she stumbles into romance along the way
I really enjoy this novel because the romance wasn't the main focus. Although it was quite a romance, I'm talking a SQUARE. That's right, not a love triangle, but a love square!! It could have failed miserably and be super dramatic, lovey-dovey book, but it was so far from it. So far it has been my least favourite of Klassen's novels, but it was still and enjoyable read. The ending really caught me off guard, not I thought things were going to play out, but I was happy with it!

Random side note: So my work receives new CD mixes every month or so, and we just a new one. I'm putting stock on the floor when I hear: THE COWBELL!! I ran into my backroom and blasted What Makes You Beautiful! Yep, I was excited. Thank you Payless for finally giving some jamming tunes!!


Chapter 391

Day 197 - July 25, 2012
Day 198 - July 26, 2012
Sometimes buying neon underwear can make my day even that much brighter (no pun intended). I kind of went a bit over board... bought 10 pairs... but they were so cheap, and after loosing 40 pounds (WOOT) I have been in desperate need of some new panties!!
This morning I tried another new hairstyle. Meet Gillian :) 

This girl is just the best, we "met" about a year and a half ago. I liked her facebook page (she makes gorgeous headbands and jewelry), and she added me as a friend. Little did we know, we shared mutual friends (Behind Sapphire). She is such a little gem, I bought my D3100 because of her! I was hesitant to fork over that much money, but after talking it over with her I knew I had to do it! Anywho, she has the cutest little blog ever, and I spotted her hair tutorial a couple weeks back and I knew I had to try it. So simple, and I have become in love!! Pop on over and say "Hi" to her. 

Have a wonderful day everyone!!! Also, I *may* be doing a giveaway soon, once I hit 125 readers :) You all rock and every single one of you put a smile on my face!



Chapter 390

Monday night I got a phone call. At 11:30 pm. I remember hearing the phone ringing, thought it was my alarm clock and rolled over. The next morning I see it was from one of my dearest friends Laura Thomson who is in Alberta for school!! After a day of phone tag, we finally got a hold of each other, 12 hours later. And boy oh BOY did she have news. One of my best buds (aka Lose-y) is getting married in October!!!!!!! AHHH!!
Being a Latter-day Saint, it is very normal to hear of engagements, they happen ALL the time, but this is the first of the girls from my age group that is getting married for time and all eternity. I couldn't be happier for her! We've grown up together, gone through ups and downs, but I am so glad that she stayed solid her entire life and is worthy to enter the temple with Harlan Lenzen. 
Love you Laura!!



Chapter 389 - Guest Post

I am super excited about this evening's post. Introducing, the first guest post on A Mile in her Shoes. Since the title of my blog is "A Mile in her Shoes", I thought it would a neat idea for each guest blogger to make an outfit inspired by their favourite pair of shoes, and talk about the places the shoes have taken them! 
Today you all have the pleasure of meeting Gaby from This Little Port. I have been in love with Gaby's blog for just over a year now, so when I got an email from her asking to switch blog buttons, I freaked out!!!!! I just had to give you all the chance to get to know her better as well. 
Take it away Gaby!! :)
Hi A Mile in her Shoes readers! My name's Gaby and I blog over at This Little Port. When Rebekah asked me to do an outfit post based around my favourite pair of shoes, I immediately thought of these. I found them in my mom's closet when I was visiting home recently and knew I had to make them mine. Luckily, my mom obliged and I brought them home to Sydney with me.
I love how they can make any outfit a little bit more grandma chic. But my favourite thing about them by far is that I always think of my mom when I wear them. I haven't had them for long, but so far they've taken me to Canada and back. I've worn them to ride a bikeand to go for lazy winter strolls. Here I've paired them with wooly tights and my new favourite dress, perfect for a winter's day in Sydney.
Rebekah asked me to describe my blog in 5 words so here goes: 
A place to find joy.
Thanks for stopping by Gaby :) You're the best. Want to be the next guest blogger? Send me an email at rebekahannewagner@gmail.com


Chapter 388

Day 196 - July 24, 2012
Well it's back to work I go!! No more jeans and grubs, time for dress pants and blouses again :) But I don't mind!! I did something new with my hair today, super easy, super cute! I may do a video tutorial shortly, WOOP!!
Also I have some super exciting news: Brigitte and I will sponsoring a giveaway on our modest fashion blog! Stay tuned for the details, we are just figuring out all the details with the company, but let me tell ya, it's going to be pretty epic!!



Chapter 387

Day 195 - July 23, 2012
I finally bought my first Essie nail polish this past weekend. Ok actually I bought two, you know :) Boy oh boy, literally the best nail polish out there!! One coat, that was it, and it dried SO fast. Life is too short to wait for nail polish to dry. That's been my motto for years!

Nothing better than a non-productive day! I needed one of those. Oh wait I did do something productive: watched season one of Cranford in one sitting :) Yep, that was productive! Tomorrow it's back in the swing of things!!


Chapter 386

Happy 2 year anniversary fellas!!

Gah I just love them!



Chapter 385

Day 192 - July 20, 2012
Day One. Traveling, reading, shopping, eating potatoes, scouting for boys (..not..), pageant watching. No matter how many times I see the pageant, I love it more and more!! And every year, I want to be a member of the cast. Hands down on the top of my bucket list! It's sad though because the popularity of it has really gone down hill. It used to be PACKED! When I was growing up we had to arrive at 5 to stake our spot and wait for 4 hours until it started, but that's what made it fun! Now, not even all the seats are filled. Makes my heart weep. 

Day 193 - July 21, 2012
While mom, dad, Andrew and Kelsi headed to the temple, Brigitte and I watched Norah. We did our traditional walk through the Sacred Grove. There is something very special about that little grove of trees. Every time I walk in I feel reborn! Just beautiful. Norah was in top form. She was screaming up a storm once we got back to our hotel room. So we popped in a MK and A movie and tried to calm her... nothing was working. The poor babe was exhausted!! Once the crew got back, we headed out to the mall and did some more shopping, ate some Italien food, had fro-yos for desert and did some hot tubbing! Unfortunately Norah didn't fall asleep until 1, and was screaming, while I was feeling like I was going to puke like a crazy!! I hate being nauseous. Seriously my least favourite thing!!

Day 194 - July 22, 2012
We planned on going to sacrament meeting, but with the night we all had, we decided it would be wise to sleep in. After taking our time getting ready, we went to the temple, snapped some pictures, walked in the Sacred Grove, and drove to the top of Hill Cumorah. We all crashed in the car. Such an exhausting trip, so it is great to be home!! It was a splendid weekend, although I swear, the day we get from Palmyra is a day that will forever be cursed. Last year I received a heart breaking phone call, and this year (not even close to as depressing as last year, but still super frustrating), I lost ALL of my pictures that were taken vertically. And let me tell ya, there were some great shots. I love pictures, they always trigger a memory, so knowing that I will never have those again makes my heart ache. 

Tomorrow I fully intend on doing nothing. Yep. Sleeping and reading.. oh and some laundry. But that is IT!! :)


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