Chapter 361

One year. I haven't had a haircut in One. Year. This has NEVER happened. I used to be those kind of girls who got their hair trimmed every two months, but I ever since I graduated high school back in 09 I've lost track of time. 

Last year I chopped off 11 inches. I have NEVER had a bob before and I absolutely adored it!!

After one year of growing out my hair I have no bangs, barely any layers and little volume. It's time for a change.

So here are my options:

I slight trim, keeping no bangs, and the long layers. It's barely a change. Very safe.

I know I know. I just spent an entire year growing out my hair. Why would I even contemplate this cut??!! It's way shorter than my hair was last year. But it's just SO darling!!

A tiny trim with front bangs. I have been missing my front bangs ever since I grew them out 2 years ago. I'm pretty sure that come September I am just going to get them!

Short side bangs. I might get this one, and then just change them to front bangs in the fall.

The more I look at the Michelle Williams picture, I want it. No, no Bekah. You can't!! Ok no. I need to really commit to it before doing it. Ok then the option is yet again: Bangs or no bangs?



  1. If you want to try the short bob then I suggest doing it in steps. It's a lot to go from your length to that short, and once its done it's done! Try a good few inches again and then move upwards from there in a few weeks at a time. I like the last photo with the short side bangs myself and think that would look cute!

  2. You just described my exact dilemma as well!! I'm diggin the side bangs. Do it (:

  3. you're worse than i am, i normally go like 4 months and i thought that was bad. haha. but with your hair pinned back i could definitely see you doing the short hair. but i like your hair with bangs.


  4. hehe of course the first question in my mind is which one does your husband like best?? And will that influence your decision at all (like to not pick that one! ha)

  5. I LOVE that Michelle Williams cut, and it would look so cute on you (based on the pic of the bob you posted). I actually considered that one myself, but since my hair is so curly I'm afraid I would end up with a fro....so DO IT!

  6. You would totally rock that Michelle Williams cut! I absolutely love the thought of you with that! I say go for it! Hair always grows back :)


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