Chapter 360

Melinda Marchetta's "Jellicoe Road"
The story follows 17 year old Taylor Markham who lives in a boarding school in Australia. The only memory she has of her parents is being abandoned at age 11. After a bunch of mysterious disappearances Taylor, along with the help of the dreamy Jonah and Rafy, Chaz and Ben, she is able to finally answer all her questions about her family, and herself. 
  Now this book may have been 420 pages, but it is such a quick read!! Seriously read it in a couple hours. Not going to lie the first 100 pages were kind of confusing. It was hard to follow because it randomly switches between the 80s and early 2000s. But it was definitely enjoyable! 


Can I just say that every time I say or think the title this song plays in my head:


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