Chapter 352

Day 165 - June 23, 2012


I finally caved, I bought a pair of coloured skinnies :) And let me tell ya, in love!! The fit like a glove! I have been eyeing both the coral and white ones for MONTHS now and I finally talked myself into it! All three of those pants were on a clearance rack and they were all a size 8, there were none left in any other size. Now if that's not meant to be, I don't know what is. Who doesn't love implying that fate has so much to do with shopping? ;)
I find it rather ironic that even though I work at a shoes store, and I buy so many cheap shoes. I know these shoes will get ruined pretty soon, but they were 2 for $20, I couldn't leave them!

Last night was incredible. Not only was I able to see a friend from youth who just got home from his mission, but I had a great home teaching message, and a much needed conversation with a dear friend. The conversation was very interesting because the person who I had it with was someone I have been very guarded with. Yes it's that boy. Oh and this one. There are multiple posts, but I really don't want to go digging for them! Anyway the thing that we talked about is something I haven't talked about to anyone, so it was a relief so finally vocalize my thoughts. It was a big deal. He has always been the friend I needed, even when I wasn't the nicest person. I'm glad we're friends, I'm glad I can finally trust you again, I'm glad you know exactly what to say, I'm glad you're you. So thank you KS. You're amazing!



  1. Looove the hairstyle! So beautiful!

  2. that first picture of your hair is so stunning! I am such a fan of light hair, and it is so whimsical with the flowers in it :)


  3. um your hair is gorgeous.
    love those skinnies and flats!


  4. Can I please steal your GORGEOUS hair? So jealous. Love those jeans too!


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