Chapter 351

Let me just take an entire post and talk about this book. Everything about John Green's "The Fault in our Stars" was perfection! I laughed like CRAZY. And by crazy I mean like a crazy. Seriously I was on the bus reading it and couldn't stop myself from laughing! So awkward, but SO worth it! I have never laughed so hard while reading a book.. with that said I have never cried so much. Sobbing doesn't even come close to describing the amount of tears. I won't spoil anything, promise, but I wasn't crying because it was said, it was just so dang beautiful! Majority of people would say it was sad, and yes it is in a certain way, but it just touched me in a way so much deeper than sadness! 

I love how Green takes such a sensitive topic and is able to make it light hearted and full of sarcastic humour. Since the novel is written in first person he gets away with it, and I love it! Oh and can I just add I love how Augusta calls Hazel "Hazel Grace".

Dear future husband, refer to me as Rebekah Anne, please and thank you :)

FIVE STARS (If I could rate it higher I would..)

The amount of quotes in this book are ridiculous! I am definitely going to take a highlighter to it next time I read it!!


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  1. OH MY YESSS! i am soooo glad you read it! is it not THE BEST book you have ever read? i seriously cannot stop obsessing over it. this book changed the way i read and love books. oh the quotes were unbelievable. i have four typed pages of quotes and moments that i didn't want to forget.


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