Chapter 350

Day 164 - June 22, 2012


Room tours? Room tours? So for the next couple days I am going to take pictures of my room and share them with you all. Exciting right?

Over the past couple days I have really missed my two best friends. I know they both come home from their missions in only a few months, but the anticipation is killing me! (See I told you I wish away time...oops!) When I miss them I watch Marvel movies, but more specifically Iron Man 2. And this is why:

Gawsh I love these boys!! I miss our trips to McD's, our jamming sessions to Taylor Swift, horseback riding, random skype calls (when we see each other at least twice a week), to make it easier I just miss everything! Not long now! :):)

Also I am extremely doppie today. Went to bed pretty late, couldn't put The Fault in our Stars down. I literally had to force myself to go to bed! Then I woke up an hour before my alarm clock, guess I was so anxious to read. It's weird because a book has never had this affect on me: I want to finish, and I easily could have read it in a couple hours, but I want to savour it. I just don't want it to end!!!!



  1. hahaha oh those boys look like fun. tons of my friends are still getting back from their missions. its so exciting!


  2. having missionaries return home is the absolute best! you know what though? i miss writing them. a lot. i am so glad they are home and it has been fun to move on to a new chapter in life but i often miss that 'dear elder' chapter. i am seriously so giddy that you loved the fault in our stars. so so happy. i couldn't put it down. it was impossible. i read it in 9 hours and went to bed at 5am.


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