Chapter 343

Day 158 - June 16, 2012


Today I reorganized my closet and dresser. My drawers were literally overflowing, it was time for another major down sizing. Since I have been losing weight a lot of my clothes are just drowning me. So today I got rid of almost everything that is a L or XL. 

I got rid of A TON of stuff! This picture doesn't do it justice. I didn't take any before pictures because to be honest, it is a disgusting mess and I am too embarrassed to share that :) But here is my closet and dresser clean and organized!

I have never in my life seen my drawers this empty before! It's crazy!!!!!!! I can finally breathe :)



  1. I love the new blog look- very nice!!

  2. Hi Bekah! Found you via thee blog hop. Sometimes I dream of closets like yours (pre-makeover) but most of the time love that I can fill one box with all my clothes. (Makes moving SO much simpler.) Have a lovely day and congrats for the weight loss, that takes loads of determination. you rock.

  3. I love your blog design! The photos are spectacular. Praying for you and your boy. Visiting from Thee blog hop. Have a great weekend.

  4. I don't think my drawers and closet have ever been that full! Haha. I think I need to go shopping!

  5. I want your wardrobe! Love all the polka dots and stripes!

    Mindy at


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