Chapter 342

My father just told me some sad news. A young man from my home ward passed away last night. Both him and his brother had a physical disability their entire lives, they were never able to walk, but were always the happiest people around! I remember both of them either chasing us with their wheel chairs (all jokes) or giving the YM rides. They were always around, always. Until the oldest boy passed away three years ago. He had already lived 3 years longer than the doctors had predicted, but he was ready to go home. Ever since then his younger brother hasn't been himself. He became quiet, and more ill and could barely come to church. His brother was his best friend and understood him completely. They did everything together. EVERYTHING. We all knew he wasn't going to last long after his brother passed, but for some reason I couldn't ever imagine both of them gone. I seem to think certain people are invincible, even when they are suffering. 

It's weird because even though I am shocked and sad, and can't help but smile. I can only imagine how incredible the reunion between Lehi and Mathoni is like right now. I can see them running to each other for a giant hug full of tears and laughter. After a lifetime of waiting they are finally able to walk, skip, run and even serve a mission. You will be missed Mathoni, but I know you are already working hard up there!


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