Chapter 341

Day 157 - June 15, 2012


Today I decided to take out a box of old photos and look through them. Everyone knows the saying "A picture is worth a thousand words", but to me a picture is worth a thousand memories. Looking through these just brought back so many amazing times! 

Like my second trip to Utah, when I surprised Jackie and Drew on April 1st, 2005. Best April Fools EVER! I win. Then when we were sitting the Johnsons car and every time I sat on my bag my electrical toothbrush turned on. Jackie and I were SO freaked out!! And then when I hugged their cat for entire and ended up with cat fur ALL. OVER. ME!

Or that time (2004) when for a YW activity we bought disposable cameras and went around taking pictures. Morgan and I thought we were so funny for sticking our heads out the window. This picture kills me every time!

Or that time (2005) when Michelle and I brought freezies to YC and thought our tongues were so swag when they turned a different colour. We just HAD to take a picture! Man those were the years when I used to pretend to rebellious when in truth I was the biggest goody two shoes of life.. and style am. Proud right there!

Or that time (2007) when we went back to Utah and I felt all grown up because I knew how to "properly apply makeup".. uh yeah no. Oh dear my makeup was just embarrassing!

Or that time when "Duff puffs" and big sunglasses were all the rage! I was such a stylin' little 14 year old! Holy crap that was 7 years ago!! Ok I am officially weirded out right now!

Or that time (2005) when Becky had her last YWs camp before moving. That awkward time when we ALL had a crush on her older brother. Seriously, the amount of friendships that got screwed up because of the drama surrounding that boy was ridiculous! Such a clawing mess! Thank goodness he moved and we all learned to be friends with him! 

A day full of sentimental blubbering. Too many smiles, laughs and tears happened and these pictures are all to blame!!


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