Chapter 339

During my trip I was able to read a couple books, so I thought I would share my thoughts on them, as I always do :)

First up is Kate Morton's "The Forgotten Garden". Here is a little synopsis for those who do not know what it is about. Nell thought she knew who she was until her 21st birthday, when her parents tell her she is not their child. They had found her abandoned on the docks of the Australia coast on the eve of WWI. Nell tries to discover her past, but is unable to complete her search. Years later, just after Nell passes away, her granddaughter, Cassandra, picks up where Nell left off. The search leads her to Cornwall, England where she becomes thrown into the past of the Montrachet family. 

This novel is one the most well written books I have ever read! The plot is SO good! The first 80 pages are just average, but it really develops once Eliza's story gets introduced. I was completely surprised at how much I enjoyed it! I love how it went back and forth between 3 time periods, made me not want to put it down! There were just enough twists and turns, and yet a touch of predictability. Extremely enjoyable! I highly recommend this novel!!


Next I read Lauren Conrad's second novel "Sweet Little Lies". Again, just like the first one, it was a super quick, light read. Nothing incredible, or mind blowing, just a fun read. A girl always loves reading a novel full of drama, and this book is FULL of it! I liked this one a bit better than the first one, just because I love that Scarlett's character develops and changes. Her and Liam are just the sweetest! Oh and is it odd that actually feel bad that Madison got found out? I mean she was genuinely starting to like Jane as a friend. I really want to know who she really is too! The little liar!


Today on my break I stumbled into Coles, and guess what I found??!! Hilary Duff's novel "Elixir" in hardcover for only... wait for it... 5.99!!!!!!! SO excited! I am already loving this book, and I'm only 80 pages in! Seems promising!!


Let's just take a moment and talk about the extreme excitement I have because Philip Seymour Hoffman got offered the role as Plutarch in "Catching Fire". SAY WHATTTTT???!!! That would actually be incredible!!

Also speaking of Hunger Games, I have finally decided which DVD/Blu-ray pack I am going to purchase!! This bad boy!!

DEATH in a box, I swear!!


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