Chapter 336

Day 153 - June 11, 2012


Day Seven. A day of goodbyes! Our first was with Drew when he drove us back to Moffatts, and it was hard. I always hate saying goodbye to friends, especially when you don't know for sure when you will see them again! Brigitte and I are hoping to make it back next year, but you never know what will happen! Then Katie Duffin (a friend of the Moffatt's) left to stay at a friends house and we said adieu! She is such a little cutie! We only spent 2 days with her but they were such a scream! Then one of my favourite missionaries stayed over on our last night! It was such a blast to spend sometime with Ryan! No one better to visit East High with. We are not ashamed. Never!
Even though we had to get up at 3:45 the next morning, we still ended up gabbing until midnight. I still can't believe how big the Moffatt children have become! As if it was a decade ago that I started to be their babysitter, and now I am teasing Xan about ladies, giving Ellen boy advice, bonding over books with Jane, receiving incredible massages from Maren, and playing basketball with Joel. I have watched these kids grow up, and yet I am still shocked at how much they have grown! And somehow through all the changes I am still doing the girls hair, tango dancing with Xan and loving them more and more every moment I spend with them! Ice cream, root beer and giggles make for a pretty stellar evening!

Day Eight. Of course there aren't any pictures for this day, it was too sad. Brigitte and I got pretty teary eyed on the flight home! I still can't believe this week is over. I have had such an incredible time! Wished I could have stayed longer. There is something about Utah that always make me feel at home, it just has one defect: it is not Ottawa! I'm glad to be home, but there are so many things I miss. I miss the mountains, I miss the adventures, I miss seeing temples everywhere, I miss being surrounded by others who share my faith, but most importantly I miss my dearest friends! You have all had some impact in my life, and I just wanted to thank you all for it!


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