Chapter 335

Day 151 - June 9, 2012


Day Five. The day started with some basketball and Ninja destruction, then it was off to Provo with my childhood friend Drew Johnson. I hadn't seen this kid in 5 years so it was great to catch up! First we went to Sonic and drank some slushies. Brigitte was set up with a blind date, and unfortunately he was super quiet! Drew and I were talking up a storm, and the only time he would talk was when Drew and I forced a conversation. Poor B, but then again she got to meet a cutie on Sunday ;) 

I have officially decided that mountain hiking and my asthma do not go together. I pretty much died, literally. I was half dragged, and half talked into walking up the Y. Half way up I fell on the ground and refused to go any further, but after each look out Drew convinced me to walk to the next one. It's interested how little experiences remind you of life. It's so much easier to give up and give in than enduring to the end. But if you take it step by step you will be able to make it no problem. And what do you get in the end? A beautiful view! Through the pain, and the short of breath it was still worth it!

After that little adventure we met up with Drew's sister Jackie, who was my bestest friend growing up! We did everything together! Literally everything! She is leaving for her mission in just over a month so it was great being able to see her before she left! Whoever lives in the Provo area needs to go to Awful Waffles. SO incredible!!! Gosh it was death!!!!

Day 152 - June 10, 2012


Day Six. Well we did it. We attended a Utah YSA ward, the experience was interesting..? Oh gosh I could only last for Sacrament meeting. So we peaced :) I pretty much slept the whole day! SO tired! And welcome to the Johnsons backyard! Honestly waking up to that view is just incredible! Still not enough to convince me to move out here! 


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  1. Ummm ok you and Drew should totally date ;) That pic where he's standing behind you with his arms around your shoulders- I almost died from cuteness overload. Seriously. These photos are amazing and you ladies look STUNNING!


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